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I have served America proudly, wearing the uniform of the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army. I have served on every continent except Antarctica, fighting on most of them. Taking part in operations in Iraq in 2006 I was injured badly enough to be medically retired. I am now riddled with arthritis in my back and shoulder. After using iZoneIQ on a regular basis I have felt relief and it has given me a renewed quality of life. The chronic pain that had once dictated what I did, and didn’t do, no longer has that control. It didn’t cure my arthritis, but it did make the pain dramatically more manageable.

Richard A. McKinney
BSW US Marine Corp, Operation Desert Storm

Peace and Conflict Resolution, Muncie, IN.

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I started taking Izone every early morning about 3-4am and wow it has really worked for me. Later if I have a city or other important meeting maybe a second one. It has enhanced my mental ability and focus, really suppressed my appetite giving such a good feeling of vitality. Another great thing has been my joints. I feel so much better much if my stiffness from sitting or long drives has gone away and I'm walking more. Thanks for improving my life. Even feel younger,
Robert Richardson
San Clemente, CA
I notice as a woman, when I take the iZoneIQ product daily, I feel a glowing and effervescent feeling inside. This product has brought a new level of happiness and joy back into my life. I also notice an improved cognitive function in attentiveness and memory recall.
Dr. Shelley Byrd
Newport Beach, CA
I just want to share my wife Olga’s experience with this product iZone. She has Alzheimer’s and taking iZone, her cognitive impairment has improved. Great product, Thank you iZoneIQ.
Dante Mancinelli
Oceanside, CA
My father, 79 years old has Parkinson and administering him a shot of iZone has helped stop shaking and getting up without the help of cane, with steady movement. iZone also helps him fall asleep.
M.S. Hans
Fairfax, VA
I am a very keen golfer, playing 3-4 times a week. My handicap has been around 13 for the past few years; I started taking iZone® on the 3rd of Sept, I played off 13, I am now off 10. (GA 8.8). I will be 59 in Nov and as we age, golf handicap generally goes out, as we loose flexibility & concentration. Since taking iZone® I have played my best golf ever! Just had 43 ots off the front & 38 ots off the back, gross 81, nett 71, 37 stable ford points @ Pacific Habour golf & Country Club, Par 72, DSR 74, Slope Rating of 132. Thank you iZone® have lost 4 shots over 6 weeks!
June Wills
QLD, Bribie Island Australia
My neighbor Andrew Pearce’s in Adelaide gave me few shots of iZone® to drink and try playing Golf. Let me share what I experienced. I am a 40 year old golfer playing off 16 striving to one day play off single figures. Continuous concentration is a part of the game I would always struggle with until starting taking iZone®. I have also noticed great improvement in shot selection helping take some of the frustration out of my game. Since taking iZone®, I have dropped two shots and feel now have the mental ability to one day reach my goal!
Nathan Black
Vines of Reynella Golf Club Adelaide, Australia
I’m a former PGA and Champion’s Tour player. In recent years, my game has deteriorated because of the touchy half shots inside 100 yards; all because my nerves aren’t what they were when I played on the Tour. Now, with iZone®, I have more focus, my nerves are calm, and my game has definitely improved.
Jack Spradlin
Phoenix, AZ
I’ve been a 7 handicap for years and really never thought I had a chance to break par. My first time out on iZone®, I shot 71. The concentration and focus it brings my game is unbelievable. I won’t play without it now!
Scottsdale, AZ
I get the jitters over short putts, especially during money games with my friends. On iZone®, I notice that I’m making a lot more putts and don’t feel the anxiety or pressure that I used to.
Joe S.
Del Mar, CA
I believe iZone® can improve anyone’s game. I’ve been a consistent player for 20 years. Drinking iZone® before a round has improved my game to a new level I didn’t think was possible. Any age, any handicap…you’ve got to try this!
Dave S.
Gilber, AZ