Mental Power Boost

Your Drink for Optimal Focus, Clarity, Concentration & Calmness!

Created by doctors and athletes to help focus, increase attention, decrease procrastination, and have more drive.  60 ml shot-sized drinks to be a fast-acting nootropics formula that will fuel cognition and a mental flow state for a higher level of performance.

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Created by doctors and athletes to help focus, increase attention, decrease procrastination, and have more drive. 60 ml shot-sized drinks to be a fast-acting nootropics formula that will fuel cognition and a mental flow state for a higher level of performance.

All Natural Mental Energy Drink to improve focus and lower stress, with no caffeine

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A Mental Enhancement Drink
Sharper Focus
Lower Stress & Achieve More
Botanical Blend
Caffeine Free
Low Sugar
Never before has it been done! iZoneIQ™ innovation brings you a completely unique and different way of feeling and thinking from the everyday energy drinks on the market, utilizing scientifically proven organic and natural ingredients in a 2-ounce shot.


Prolonged Hours of Peak Mental and Physical Performance


Flow State

Enhanced Mood

Increased Productivity

2 different drinks - DESIGNED for specific support

Maintain Concentration & Calmness

Improvement in response times, sleep, and cognitive function are associated with increased blood flow. We stack cacao with plenty of L Theanine to keep you calm and attentive for periods of productive focus and study. It may also compliment your regular morning coffee routine.

Mental Clarity

Experience an easier time getting into your flow state. Rich in anti-oxidants & polyphenols, decreasing oxidative stress. Naturally flavored from Cacao and a blend of spices.

Sharper Focus

Works within minutes due to faster absorption and bioavailability with prolong and positive effects and alertness. Experience no crashing or jitters associated with caffeine. Potent and safe for daily use, created for longer-term improvement of general cognitive health.

A Healthier and Calming Alternative to Energy Drinks

iZoneIQhas proudly developed a comprehensive Nootropic supplement to support and enhance:
Brain Blood Circulation, Memory, Cognitive Functions such as Alertness, Focus, Calmness, Creativity and Attention.
Healthy Neuro Transmission Functions

Reduction in stress level, inflammation, and joints health due to the use of health benefits of natural ingredients such as curcumin as supported by publications in peer-reviewed journals.

iZoneIQ, a family of health supplementary products has been created and formulated on “evidence-based science” by medical doctors, professionals and athletes for people from all walks of life , including men and women for supporting and maintaining healthy focus, increase attention, calmness, energy level, improved memory for a healthy life style.
The 60ml single shot and a fast-acting Nootropic, caffeine free, with low amounts of sugar formula that supports and maintains healthy cognitive functions and a mental flow state for a higher level of performance, including healthy joints support. 

Product Features:

  • Easy to use single shot (store at ambient temperature or refrigerated)
  • Botanical Blend
  • Caffeine Free
  • Hydrating
  • Pleasant taste and texture (Easier ready to use shot)
  • Fast Acting, High Absorption, Bioavailability due to being liquid
  • Manufactured in cGMP facility in California USA. 

According to publications, reduction in inflammation, memory, focus and nootropic effects are associated with increased blood flow. The product has cacao enriched with L-Theanine to bring state of calmness, better quality of sleep combined with focus and alertness.

Experience an easier time getting into routine flow-state by transforming into the iZoneIQ state of calmness and in rhythm with the harmony. The rich anti-oxidants natural compounds in the products such as polyphenols found in cocoa, ginger and cinnamon and lipoic acid reduce oxidative stress and unhealthy inflammation. The cocoa beside having anti-oxidative properties provides natural chocolate flavor to the product.

iZoneIQ®, an evidence-based formulation is the next generation of nootropic that is uniquely engineered to meet the increasing demands of the modern fast pace and the dynamic society from all walks of life.


The term “energy” as used in dietary supplements can be confusing. This is because the word “energy” often implies any supplement such as a beverage that contains high levels of unhealthy sugars and stimulant ingredients such as caffeine enhances mental alertness and physical performance. The use of unhealthy sugars and stimulants may potentially be unhealthier immediately or longer-term, depending on many factors such as age, lifestyle, genetics, and any existing medical conditions.

Nootropics are ingredients found in nature that fuel your mind, and have been used by cultures for thousands of years to provide mental clarity and focus.

iZoneIQ before work outs, iZoneIQ before study sessions, at study time, iZoneIQ before the first swing, iZoneIQ for anything.

Use iZoneIQ for invigorating and maintaining holistic (mind and body) health for the self and others.

Energize the mind.