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Calm & Clean Focus

Over 26 all-natural & organic ingredients to keep you calm and attentive for long periods of productive focus. Amplify the effects by adding it to your regular morning coffee routine.

Elevated Thinking

iZoneIQTM and GolfShot iZoneIQ™ are rich in antioxidants & polyphenols which help decrease oxidative stress. With your mind at ease, experience an easier time getting into your flow state. 

Caffeine Free

Within minutes of consumption, our nootropic shots provide 4-5 hours of alertness and focus without the crashing or jitters associated with caffeine.

Customer Reviews / Testimonials

I’m a former PGA and Champion’s Tour player. In recent years, my game has deteriorated because of the touchy half shots inside 100 yards; all because my nerves aren’t what they were when I played on the Tour. Now, with iZoneIQ®, I have more focus, my nerves are calm, and my game has definitely improved.
Jack Spradlin
PGA, Arizona
I get the jitters over short putts, especially during money games with my friends. On iZoneIQ®, I notice that I’m making a lot more putts and don’t feel the anxiety or pressure that I used to.
Joe S
Del Mar, CA
I believe iZoneIQ® can improve anyone’s game. I’ve been a consistent player for 20 years. Drinking iZoneIQ® before a round has improved my game to a new level. I didn’t think was possible. Any age, any handicap…you’ve got to try this!
Dave S. Gilbert
increase clarity & focus
All-Natural Ingredients

With over 26 scientifically proven organic and natural ingredients, our nootropics were designed to enhance memory, alertness, focus, calmness, creativity, and attention. Each ingredient is scientifically chosen for its optimal & synergistic efficacy, known safety, bioavailability, and potential health benefits.

Cacoa Extract



Tumeric Root






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Congratulations John Catlin!

Learn about pro golfer, John Catlin’s success using iZoneIQ Golf Shot on the European Tour!

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