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In 2014, the FDA told Congress that it was investigating the deaths’ reported relating to energy drinks.* iZone Corporation addressed the potential health concern and developed iZoneIQ™ using “evidence-based science” and clinically-proven most natural ingredients including botanicals.

iZoneIQ™ and GolfShot™ are formulated by key opinion leaders in holistic and alternative medicine.

iZONEIQ™ is the next wave of functional performance booster, giving the user an improved and an enhanced focus, clarity and energy without the “edgy nerves” or crashing.

*Ref. “Documents Link More Deaths to Energy Drinks,” Center for Science in the Public Interest, June 25, 2014.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Nootropic Energy Supplement to enhance Mindfulness

Drink For Optimal Focus, Clarity, Concentartion & Calming Effect

Scientifically Proven Organic and Natural Ingredients in a 60ml Nootropic Dietary Supplement that Helps Support Cognitive Functions, Learning, Memory Retention.

No Caffeine, No Jitters, No Side Effects

iZoneIQ™ is at the intersection of the Sports & Energy Drinks and the Health Drinks 

Over 3-years of field testing in USA and internationally, iZoneIQ™ and GolfShot™ have received numerous testimonials from sports professionals and enthusiasts in many different sports such as Golf, Football, e-Sports, NASCAR and Supercross.

iZonelQTM Success Stories - Golf, Football, eSports, NASCAR, Supercross


John Catlin Pro Golfer

Euro/Asian/American Tour Championship

@catlinjohn/20k Followers

Growth Stages / Timelines



  •  Export and Registration Europe
  • Market Research on Taste and flavor
  • Trademarks
  • MLM Partner Selection
  • Golf Course Management introductory Package
    Accountant Review SEC

In Process:
Plans for mass production Grass Root Marketing expansion strategies with NASCAR, PGA, NBA and NFL



Growth – Stage II

  • $6.0 M Equity offering
  • Detailed Growth Strategy US, Europe and ME
  • Manufacturing first large batch Halal Certification
  • NSF testing and validation process
  • Sales Team – Direct and Distributor Channel
  • NSF Certification
  • Online sales,
  • Amazon, Whole Food Stores and others, acceptance after NSF Certification


Growth – Stage III

  • JV Manufacturing and distribution
  • Business Valuation, Funding/Investors
  • R&D – new product pipeline
  • Entry in Australian Market
  • Establish iZone Corporation Asia and Australia
  • JV manufacturing Asia, ME
  • JV Manufacturing for Europe
  • Path for FDA compliance and Medical Food approval


Growth – Stage IV

  • New products addition
  • FDA Compliance Completion
  • Entry Physician Market
  • Growth stage investment Series “A” Funding
  • Target an acquisition of similar start up
  • Strategic partner Selection


Maturity – Stage V

IPO/Merger Acquisition
  • Prepare for IPO
  • Listing of Company US Stock Exchange
  • Enhance Brand Value
  • Strategic Partner/Exit Strategy


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